College of Arts, Science and

Technology, Jamaica

Diploma in Land Surveying

And Mapping, 1981



Professional Land Surveyor,

Florida #4977



American Congress of Surveying

And Mapping (ACSM)


Florida Land Surveyors Council





In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of Brown & Phillips, Inc., Mr. Brown is responsible for the development and implementation of the firm's administrative policies and procedures, business development activities, and employee training programs. He also serves as the Principal in Charge of all field related assignments. As such, he is responsible for scheduling and performing field work, data gathering and research, and the scheduling and supervision of the field crews. One of his most important responsibilities is to perform quality reviews for all of the calculations and documents that are prepared in the office.

Mr. Brown possesses more than 30 years of land surveying and project management experience which includes 22 years with the firm Brown & Phillips, Inc. Over the years, he has been responsible for the preparation of numerous legal descriptions, boundary and topographic surveys, plats, parcel abandonment documents, condominium documents, record drawings and for performing construction layouts for utilities, roads, highways, buildings, and bridges. Additionally, Mr. Brown possesses more than three years of experience in performing cadastral surveys for the government of Jamaica. He has performed hydrographic surveys of the ocean within 1/4 mile of the shore and geodetic surveys as part of the densification of triangulation network control surveys.


Roebuck Road SR 7 to Jog Road
Palm Beach County, FL
Brown & Phillips performed a roadway design survey which consisted of a 3.2 mile long proposed route through heavily wooded and swampy lands. A topographic survey and cross sections were performed along the route, as well as asbuilts, underground utility locations, wetland delineation and a complete tree survey.

City of Riviera Beach New Police Complex
Riviera Beach, FL
Brown & Phillips performed a boundary and topographic survey for the design of a new police complex and municipal center. The project included complete locations and tracing of storm and sanitary sewer lines, as well as field locating marked underground utilities.

Water Treatment Plant No. 9
Palm Beach County, FL
Brown & Phillips performed a boundary survey and lot combination to combine two adjoining parcels into one for future improvements to the site. A topographic survey was also performed that included cross sections and tying in all above ground features.

Lyons Road and Pinehurst Drive Pipeline Improvements
Palm Beach County, FL
Brown & Phillips performed construction staking and record drawing services for the installation of a 42 water main along Lyons Road and Pinehurst Drive from Hillsborough Canal north to Forest Hill Boulevard.