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  • ANTHONY BROWN         
  • In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of Brown & Phillips, Inc., Mr. Brown is responsible for the development and implementation of the firm's administrative policies and procedures, business development activities, and employee training programs.  He also serves as the Principal in Charge of all field related assignments.  As such, he is responsible for scheduling and performing field work, data gathering and research, and the scheduling and supervision of the field crews.  One of his most important responsibilities is to perform quality reviews for all of the calculations and documents that are prepared in the office.

    Mr. Brown possesses more than 35 years of land surveying and project management experience which includes 25 years with the firm Brown & Phillips, Inc.  Over the years, he has been responsible for the preparation of numerous legal descriptions, boundary and topographic surveys, plats, parcel abandonment documents, condominium documents, record drawings and for performing construction layouts for utilities, roads, highways, buildings, and bridges.  Additionally, Mr. Brown possesses more than three years of experience in performing cadastral surveys for the government of Jamaica.  He has performed hydrographic surveys of the ocean within 1/4 mile of the shore and geodetic surveys as part of the densification of triangulation network control surveys. 

     See ANTHONY BROWN's Professional Resume

  • JOHN PHILLIPS         
  • Mr. Phillips possesses more than 30 years of land surveying and project management experience.  He has extensive experience in performing office computations, preparing right-of-way acquisition sketches, legal descriptions, boundary and topographic surveys, platting documents, condominium documents, and record drawings; for preparing subdivision geometrics; and for performing construction layout services for water, sewer, gas, drainage, building, roads, and highways improvements. He is proficient in the use of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018, and accounting.  He also has been approved as an expert witness in US Federal court.

    Mr. Phillips possesses more than twenty years of project management and business development experience.  He has a thorough understanding of resources management, forecasting, and scheduling techniques as well as project accounting practices. 

     See John Phillip's Professional Resume




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